i stole yo glasses, whatchu gonna do about it ? ? ? @ghettopvnk (at Teikas bordelis)

cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye (at Teika)

the only thing fake about me is my moschino 🍟 (at POSITIVUS 2014)


mildiņa! #positivus (at POSITIVUS 2014)

uuuuuuu, tāds bikiit hologrāfisks taču! 😎🌈 (at POSITIVUS 2014)

ladies and gentlemen, presenting “🙏 Y’ALL NEED JESUS 🙏”: a custom made shirt by @ghettopvnk! (at Salacgrīva)

pēdējā summer sound bildīte, jo tālāk jau pašaus vaļā poziiti!!! 😬🎉🌞 (at LMT Summer Sound 2014)

"I’m in the club high on purp with some shades on
Tatted up, mini skirt with my J’s on” :-D (at Miley Cyrus - 23)

vismaz šogad man bija kompānija! :-D (at LMT Summer Sound 2014)

varbūt bilde nav tā labākā, bet grupa noteikti! (at Lmt Summer Sound 2014)

😎😎😎 (at Jomas Iela)

27°C (at Teikas bordelis)

🌍 it’s a fucked up world if you fuck the world 🌍 (at Jomas Iela)

we look so good 😎💕✌️